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We are interested in enabling natural human-computer interaction by combining techniques from computer vision, machine learning, computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and psychology. Specific areas that we focus on include: multimodal human-computer interfaces, affective computing, pen-based interfaces, sketch-based applications, intelligent user interfaces, applications of computer vision and machine learning to solving real world problems. Browse through the publications and research pages to get a flavor of IUI@Koc.

Analysis of Engagement and User Experience with a Laughter Responsive Social Robot
We explore the effect of laughter perception and response in terms of engagement in human-robot interaction. We designed two distinct
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Material Design in Augmented Reality with In-Situ Visual Feedback
Material design is the process by which artists or designers set the appearance properties of virtual surface to achieve a
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Sketch-Based Articulated 3D Shape Retrieval
Sketch-based queries are a suitable and superior alternative to traditional text- and example-based queries for 3D shape retrieval. The authors
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Publication, ACM CHI 2017
Visualization Literacy at Elementary School, B. Alper, N. Riche, F. Chevalier, J. Boy, T. M. Sezgin.
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What Auto Completion Tells Us About Sketch Recognition
Auto completion is generally considered to be a difficult problem in sketch recognition as it requires a decision to be
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Building a Gold Standard for Perceptual Sketch Similarity
Similarity is among the most basic concepts studied in psychology. Yet, there is no unique way of assessing similarity of
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Gaze-Based Biometric Authentication: Hand-Eye Coordination Patterns as a Biometric Trait
We propose a biometric authentication system for pointer-based systems including, but not limited to, increasingly prominent pen-based mobile devices. To
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Semantic Sketch-Based Video Retrieval with Autocompletion
The IMOTION system is a content-based video search engine that provides fast and intuitive known item search in large video
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IMOTION – Searching for Video Sequences using Multi-Shot Sketch Queries
This paper presents the second version of the IMOTION system, a sketch-based video retrieval engine supporting multiple query paradigms. Ever
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