T. Metin Sezgin

Curriculum Vitae ]

Koc University, Associate Professor
Yale University, Visiting Fellow

Previous Affiliations
Harvard University, Visiting Professor
University of Cambridge, Postdoctoral Associate

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.Sc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.Sc., Syracuse University

 Dr. Sezgin graduated summa cum laude with Honors from Syracuse University in 1999. He received his MS in 2001 and his PhD in 2006, both from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in 2006. He joined Koc University in 2009, and is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering.

Dr. Sezgin leads the Intelligent User Interfaces Lab at Koç University. His main research goal is enabling people to interact with computers in a more natural fashion by combining techniques from machine learning, computer vision, computer graphics and human-computer interaction.

Short Description
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Sahillioğlu<br>Visiting Researcher
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Sahillioğlu
Visiting Researcher
Middle East Technical University

Yusuf received the MSc from Koç University in 2006 and the PhD degree in 2012.

Başak Alper<br>Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Başak Alper
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Başak worked on human-centered interfaces for computer supported classes.

Neşe Alyüz Çivitci<br>Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Neşe Alyüz Çivitci
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Intel Labs, Intel Corporation

Neşe joined IUI Lab, as a post-doctoral researcher for the Union project.

Senem Ezgi Emgin<br>PhD Student
Senem Ezgi Emgin
PhD Student

Senem Ezgi's work was co-supervised with Dr.Basdogan and she worked on vibrotactile touch screens.

Ferhat Çağan<br>PhD Student
Ferhat Çağan
PhD Student

Ferhat has been research assistant from 2014 to 2018 in IUI Lab.

Çağlar Tırkaz<br>PhD Student
Çağlar Tırkaz
PhD Student

Çağlar excepted his PhD in 2016.

Ayşe Küçükyılmaz<br>PhD Student
Ayşe Küçükyılmaz
PhD Student
University of Nottingham

Ayşe received her PhD in 2013. She is currently Assistant Professor in Robotics at University of Nottingham.

R. Sinan Tümen<br>PhD Student
R. Sinan Tümen
PhD Student
Koç University

Sinan received his PhD in computational science and engineering in 2015.

Bekir Berker Türker<br>PhD Student
Bekir Berker Türker
PhD Student

Berker was a member of project called Joke and Emphathy of a Robot/ECA(JOKER). Now working on engaging social robots.

Çağla Çığ Karaman<br>PhD Student
Çağla Çığ Karaman
PhD Student

Çağla received her PhD from Koç University in 2016.

Zana Buçinca<br>MSc Student
Zana Buçinca
MSc Student
Harvard University

Zana joined IUI Lab as a Master's student in September 2016.

Alpay Sabuncuoğlu <br> MSc Student
Alpay Sabuncuoğlu
MSc Student
Koç University

Alpay is working on educational interfaces to teach programming.

Alican Akman<br>MSc Student
Alican Akman
MSc Student
Koç University

Alican is research and teaching assistant at Koç University IUI Lab. His research interests include artificial intelligence.

Ezgi Dede <br> MSc Student
Ezgi Dede
MSc Student
Koç University

Ezgi is currently working on developing a sketch recognition program.

Alara Zindancıoğlu <br> MSc Student
Alara Zindancıoğlu
MSc Student
Koç University

Alara is working on Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Kurmanbek Kaiyrbekov<br>MSc Student
Kurmanbek Kaiyrbekov
MSc Student
John Hopkins University

Kurmanbek was research and teaching assistant between 2015 and 2017.

Ozan Can Altıok<br>MSc Student
Ozan Can Altıok
MSc Student
Unscrambl, Inc.

Ozan Can was research and teaching assistant between 2015 and 2018 in IUI Lab.

Shabbir Marzban<br>MSc Student
Shabbir Marzban
MSc Student
Lahore University of Management Sciences

Shabbir was a part of Joker(Joke and Empathy of a Robot/ECA) project.

Erelcan Yanık<br>MSc Student
Erelcan Yanık
MSc Student

Erelcan worked on active learning as a research and teaching assistant at IUI Lab.

Cansu Şen<br>MSc Student
Cansu Şen
MSc Student
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Cansu worked on a intelligent system for smart TV's.

Kemal Tuğrul Yeşilbek<br>MSc Student
Kemal Tuğrul Yeşilbek
MSc Student

Kemal built a system that scores the answers of open-ended questions. He is data scientist in machine learning.

Atakan Arasan<br>MSc Student
Atakan Arasan
MSc Student
Kargarn Yün Akrilik

Atakan worked on building a vibro-tactile stylus for use in pen-based interfaces.

Banuçiçek Gürcüoğlu<br>MSc Student
Banuçiçek Gürcüoğlu
MSc Student
GE Aviation

Banuçiçek worked on Educational Sketch-Based Intelligent Interfaces - GeoSketch project.

Özem Kalay<br>MSc Student
Özem Kalay
MSc Student
Seven Bridges

Özem was research and teaching assistant between 2011 and 2014.

S. Özgür Öğüz<br>MSc Student
S. Özgür Öğüz
MSc Student
Uni Stuttgart and MPI

Özgür focused on multimodal collaboration models in virtual environments with haptic, visual, and auditory feedbacks.

Ceren Kocaogullar <br> Undergraduate Student
Ceren Kocaogullar
Undergraduate Student
Koç University

Ceren has worked on designing and implementing a game to teach the core concepts of machine learning to middle school students.

Begüm Yalçın <br> Undergraduate Student
Begüm Yalçın
Undergraduate Student
Koç University

Begüm is a Mathematics student and she is contributing to the ongoing projects of IUI Laboratory.

İrem Karaca <br> Undergraduate Student
İrem Karaca
Undergraduate Student
Koç University

İrem is a Computer Engineering student and she is contributing to the ongoing projects of IUI Laboratory.

Yağmur Akarken <br> Undergraduate Student
Yağmur Akarken
Undergraduate Student
Koç University

Yağmur is a Computer Engineering student and she is contributing to the ongoing projects of IUI Laboratory.

Birkan Çelik <br> Undergraduate Student
Birkan Çelik
Undergraduate Student
Koç University

Birkan is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering student and he is contributing to the ongoing projects of IUI Laboratory.

Tuğrulcan Elmas<br>Summer Researcher
Tuğrulcan Elmas
Summer Researcher
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Tuğrulcan has worked on full stack integration of the iMotion project.

Arda İçmez<br>Summer Researcher
Arda İçmez
Summer Researcher

Arda joined a research project sketch auto-completion in 2016 in IUI Lab.

Amirhossein Sayyafan<br>Summer Researcher
Amirhossein Sayyafan
Summer Researcher
Washington State University

Amirhossein worked on the integration of sketch auto-completion system into iMotion.

Semih Günel<br>Summer Researcher
Semih Günel
Summer Researcher
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Semih joined IUI Lab in the summer of 2016 and worked on the Sketch-Based Search Engine project.

Elif Yağmur Eyrice<br>Summer Researcher
Elif Yağmur Eyrice
Summer Researcher

Elif worked on integration of sketch auto-completion system into iMotion project.

Sardar Bonabi<br>Summer Researcher
Sardar Bonabi
Summer Researcher
Pars Arash Iran

Sardar took part in “semi-supervised intelligent multi-modal content translator system for smart TVs” project.

Zahra Montazeri<br>Summer Researcher
Zahra Montazeri
Summer Researcher
UC Irvine

Zahra has worked on Visualization of an Intelligent User Interface for Student Assessment through Free-Form Questions.

Ahmet Bağlan<br>Summer Researcher
Ahmet Bağlan
Summer Researcher
Market Risk Modelling at Nordea

Ahmet worked on the integration of sketch auto-completion system into iMotion.

Mustafa Tülü<br>Summer Researcher
Mustafa Tülü
Summer Researcher
argeX Research and Development LTD.

Mustafa's mission was combining science and engineering, being a part of innovative work.

Mustafa Emre Acer<br>Summer Researcher
Mustafa Emre Acer
Summer Researcher

Emre has worked on sketch recognition, intelligent user interfaces and machine learning.

Eren Sezener <br>  Summer Researcher
Eren Sezener
Summer Researcher
Google DeepMind

Eren worked on developing an online gaze recognition interface.

Emrah Şamdan<br>Summer Researcher
Emrah Şamdan
Summer Researcher

Emrah worked on primitive extraction for free-hand strokes.

Orhan Can Ceylan <br> Summer Researcher
Orhan Can Ceylan
Summer Researcher

Orhan Can worked on multi-touch applications in Windows 7.

İsmail Ulutürk<br>Summer Researcher
İsmail Ulutürk
Summer Researcher
University of South Florida

İsmail has worked on recognition of freehand circuit diagrams.

H. Gökhan Himmetoglu<br>BSc Student
H. Gökhan Himmetoglu
BSc Student
The University of British Columbia

Gökhan has worked on applying machine learning algorithms to sketch recognition and throat microphone recognition problems.