Multifaceted Engagement in Social Interaction with a Machine: the JOKER Project

This paper addresses the problem of evaluating engagement of the human participant by combining verbal and nonverbal behaviour along with contextual information. This study will be carried
out through four different corpora. Four different systems designed to explore essential and complementary aspects of the JOKER system in terms of paralinguistic/linguistic inputs were used for the data collection. An annotation scheme dedicated to the labeling of verbal and non-verbal behavior have been designed. From our experiment, engagement in HRI should be multifaceted.

Keywords-Human-Robot Interaction; Dataset; Engagement; Speech Recognition; Affective Computing

Authors: L. Devillers and S. Rosset and G. Dubuisson Duplessis and L. Bechade and Y. Yemez and B. B. Turker and M. Sezgin and E. Erzin and K. El Haddad and S. Dupont and P. Deleglise and Y. Esteve and C. Lailler and E. Gilmartin and N. Campbell

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