Characterizing User Behavior for Speech and Sketch-based Video Retrieval Interfaces

From a user interaction perspective, speech and sketching make a good couple for describing motion. Speech allows easy specification of content, events and relationships, while sketching brings inspatial expressiveness. Yet, we have insufficient knowledge of how sketching and speech can be used for motion-based video retrieval, because there are no existing retrieval systems that support such interaction. In this paper, we describe a Wizard-of-Oz protocol and a set of tools that we have developed to engage users in a sketch and speech-based video retrieval task. We report how the tools and the protocol fit together using ”retrieval of soccer videos” as a use case scenario. Our software is highly customizable, and our protocol is easy to follow. We believe that together they will serve as a convenient and powerful duo for studying a wide range of multi-modal use cases.

Keywords: sketch-based interfaces, human-centered design, motion, multimedia retrieval

Authors: O. C. Altıok, T. M. Sezgin.

Read the full paper.

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