IMOTION — A Content-Based Video Retrieval Engine

This paper introduces the IMOTION system, a sketch-based video retrieval engine supporting multiple query paradigms. For vector space retrieval, the IMOTION system exploits a large variety of lowlevel image and video features, as well as high-level spatial and temporal features that can all be jointly used in any combination. In addition, it supports dedicated motion features to allow for the specification of motion within a video sequence. For query specification, the IMOTION system supports query-by-sketch interactions (users provide sketches of video frames), motion queries (users specify motion across frames via partial flow fields), query-by-example (based on images) and any combination of these, and provides support for relevance feedback.

Authors: Luca Rossetto, Ivan Giangreco, Heiko Schuldt, Stéphane Dupon, Omar Seddati, T. Metin Sezgin, Yusuf Sahillioglu

Read the full paper.

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